E&K Consulting Firm leveraged on its expertise in technology and healthcare to implement a diagnostic study on the mobile technology ecosystem and identify entry points for the use of mobile technology to drive access to health in Africa. The Firm’s diagnostic study featured 4 case studies of leading mobile money technology in health initiatives including Safaricom’s M-TIBA platform and Microensure.

Africa has witnessed an outsized and unprecedented uptake in mobile technology. Despite this remarkable uptake, and the ubiquitous development of several healthcare-geared solutions, the impact of technology on access to health has been underwhelming.

We were commissioned by UNDP and Business Call to Acton (BCtA) and conducted a deep-dive diagnostic study into mobile technology in Africa and unearthed the fundamental impediments to the realization of the potential of mobile technology to enhance access to healthcare. Our work involved 30+ expert consultations and case studies into leading mobile technology in health initiatives in the continent. The results of our work, which was featured by The Guardian (UK), has seen E&K Consulting Firm take up new advisory engagements where we have worked directly with mobile technology companies to enhance the uptake and impact of their solutions on healthcare.   

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