The Business of Health: Sustainable Investments in Health towards Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and SDG 3

The healthcare and development challenges of today and tomorrow require a multifaceted approach: a mix and match of business, education, ICT, and even political science minds and resources in order to adequately respond to the changing health ecosystem. Rapidly changing health dynamics globally and in Kenya are already having unprecedented impact on the healthcare sector. At the same time, these challenges can be opportunities for innovation and re-thinking resources for health.  

In a period of accelerating global changes, there is no doubt that it is imperative for all stakeholders to create sustainable partnerships that are meaningful and have the potential to fast-track development for all. It is no longer practical for different sectors to operate in silos for instance the public and private sectors. Similarly, increased linkages between industry/practice and academia will be paramount in order to improve and foster innovation within pedagogy and industry, which in turn will enhance skills and the ultimate employability of graduates whilst encouraging knowledge exchange with industry.